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A new collaboration between Sue Hunt and Tim Collier

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Design for wall piece, collaboration with photographer Tim Collier

for more please see Art and Health page 124x235cm 2021

Sue and Tim.jpg

photographic and painted collage based on Rookwood Hospital grounds


Collaboration between Sue Hunt and Tim Collier

BayArt-Paper Exchange1.jpeg

Wales / China Paper Exchange, BayArt, Cardiff

Sue Hunt and Mary Husted, A shared exhibition at CBTC, Cardiff, 2019


OFFERING a collaboration with Susan Adams



St Edwards Church, Cardiff

Made in Roath Festival 15-22 October 2017


What is art if not a gift? Few artists are economically sustained by their practice yet are compelled to continually make and offer their artworks to all willing and less willing individuals. Sue Hunt and Susan Adams explore “offering” through a collaborative piece involving prints, silverpoint drawings and sculpture, with an opportunity to pass on the gift by giving an offering to Mind Cymru.

By choosing to show the work in a church, Hunt and Adams have drawn a parallel between the sacred space of the gift (calling to mind Lewis Hyde’s remarkable book The Gift : how the creative spirit transforms the world) and contemplation of the sublime. Hunt’s prints evoke the circular form of the communion wafer while Adams’ sculpture echoes medieval ecclesiastical sculpture.

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