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Composition with Hyacinth, gouache on ca

IHyacinthe Study, Gouache on Carbide Paper 21x28cm'

Alstroemeria, gouache on carbide paper, 23x28cm

Fennel study, gouache on carbide paper, 23x28cm

Hyacinth, gouache on carbide paper, 23x28cm

Chinese Chysanthemum, gouache on carbide paper, 23x28cm

Chrysanthemum study, 2018, 23x15cm

Tulip Study, Gouache on Carbide Paper, 2018, 23x15cm

Tillandsia Xerographica, 2018, 23x28cm

Hyacinth study  gouache on carbide paper, 23x28cm

Exhibition Installation, Helsinki,  2017

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